In 2008 Designers Guild launched a new brand on behalf of, and in collaboration with The Royal Household. ‘The Royal Collection of Fabrics and Wallcoverings’, is a series of collections inspired by the interiors of the Royal residences, including Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle and the first licensing agreement of its kind.

The range is produced using the finest weavers, printers and specialist mills, whose expertise ensure a balance of remaining faithful to traditional weaving and printing ethos and the very latest in modern technology.

The first inaugural collection, Arundel, featured stunning textures as well as a sumptuous wallpaper collection drawing on a rich and refined colour palette. Savigny, launched in September 2009, included a brand new collection of tie-backs and trimmings and a new softer colour palette. The third collection Campanula, followed in 2010 offering a sense of relaxed elegance with a strong botanical theme and the Rose Chinensis collection, launched in Autumn 2011, included designs that were inspired by the interiors of private residences during the reign of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, as well as the Chinese rooms at Buckingham Palace. In spring 2012 a beautiful collection of accessories and rugs was launched, including a brand new cushion, designed in celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the official Jubilee weekend. For September 2012, in this truly special and commemorative year for British Royalty, we are delighted to present the fifth instalment for this auspicious brand. ‘Elizabeth’ comprises new designs that are inspired by those hidden treasures and details found within the walls of the Royal residences. Intricate engravings, carvings and inlays as well as stunning architectural motifs are some of the inspirations within Elizabeth.

“The range of fabrics and wallcoverings in the Royal palaces are absolutely breathtaking and we are delighted to work with this stunning archive and to produce wonderful collections.” Tricia Guild, Creative Director and Founder of Designers Guild

The Royal Collection of Fabrics and Wallcoverings substantially strengthens the Designers Guild growing portfolio of brands, whilst helping to maintain this historical and important archive for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.” Simon Jeffreys, Chief Executive of Designers Guild.